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Fishing Report for 9/5/2020

Written on: September 5th, 2020 in Fishing Report

What a beautiful weekend!!!  The wind has kept many of our boats tied tight to the docks but the rest of the weekend looks great!!

Offshore reports of Longfin and Yellowfin Tuna, plenty of Mahi and scattered White Marlin.

Inshore reports of Weakfish, Seabass, Trout and plenty of Flounder.

Here are some great catches from this past week.

Pictures courtesy of Hookem & Cookem Bait and Tackle shop.

Give us a call and get hooked on your private fishing charter.  We are still booking heavy so please contact Carolyn at 302-227-3071.

Till next time Tight Lines and Great Times at IRM!!!


Fishing Report for 8/4/2020

Written on: August 4th, 2020 in Fishing Report

Welcome all to just another twist for the 2020 Season!!  Tropical Storm Isaias.

Fishing has been great up until the storm.  Yesterday, was the beginning of the White Marlin Open with 433 boats entered a few ventured out ahead of the storm and hit the weigh-ins with a few Tuna.  Great job everyone.

We expect things to clear up quickly and be back to our new normal later this evening.

Inshore and Offshore fishing is great and the Charters have been booking out.  There are still some dates left and into September and fall so please call and get hooked on your special trip for a day full of fun in the sun.

Till next time Tight Lines & Smoother Times!!!!


Fishing Report for 7/19/20

Written on: July 19th, 2020 in Fishing Report

Fishing has been off the hook the last couple weeks.  Offshore report of plenty of Yellowfins and a few Big Eye Tuna landing on our docks.  We have seen some scattered Mahi, Wahoo and Tilefish.  Even a rare Snowy Grouper was landed this week while fishing for Tilefish.

Inshore we have seen Flounder, Sea Trout and some Red Drum added to the mix.  Let’s get you hooked  on a Charter of your dreams please call Carolyn at 302-227-3071 and she will be glad to help you.

Here are some great pics of the last 10 days of great fishing at IRM.


Happy July 4th!!!

Written on: July 4th, 2020 in Fishing Report

WOW!!  we are off to a great start this July.  Offshore fishing has really picked up with nice size Yellowfin and some Bigeye Tuna being landed by almost every boat hitting our docks.  There have been some Wahoo, Mahi an quite a few Mako’s around as well.

Inshore there are catches of Triggerfish, Sea Bass, Flounder and a really good running of Sea Trout.

It’s time to get hooked at IRM on your own personal Charter with one of our many Charter Boats.  Look us up on our web-site  or pick up a Coastal Fishermen issue and check out our double page ad with contacts and pics of all of our Charter boats.  You can always call Carolyn at 302-227-3071 and she will be glad to get you set up for a great day of fishing.

We hope to have some pics of this weeks fishing coming soon.

Have a wonderful Holiday and please everyone stay safe and well.



Fishing Report for 6/20/20

Written on: June 20th, 2020 in Fishing Report

Hooray!! summer is finally here and so are the fish.  Offshore there are plenty of Big Eye & Yellowfin Tuna scattered Mahi and Mako’s.  Inshore Flounder, Sea Bass and a few Rockfish.  Its a good time to book a Charter so give us a call at 302-227-3071 ask for Carolyn she will be happy to hook you up for a great day of fishing.

Here are some pics from this past week of Fishing at IRM.  What a week!!!


Pictures courtesy of Hookem & Cookem Bait & Tackle Shop.


Fishing Report for 6/8/20

Written on: June 8th, 2020 in Fishing Report

The summer is finally here and we know everyone is ready for it!!

Offshore reports of Yellowfin, Bluefin and Big Eye Tuna being caught and hitting our docks as well as Mahi, Golden Tilefish and even a Spearfish here and there.  There have been many White and Blue Marlin releases as well

Inshore reports of Sea Bass and some scattered Flounder beginning to show up.  Lets hope this trend is with us now for the season beacause we are ready to fish.

If you are ready to fish the trip of your dreams please call Carolyn at 302-227-3071 and get hooked up with one of our Charter Boats.  Our Captains are the best around and will see that you have a great day on the water.

Till next time Tight Lines and Peaceful Times!!



Fishing Report 05/02/2020

Written on: May 2nd, 2020 in Fishing Report

It’s officially May, and it shows! The weather at the inlet is gorgeous and the fish are biting.

We have mostly rockfish coming up out of this region, but tuna reports are still coming out of NC. Fingers crossed this warm weather sends them up this way!

This summer, we are starting our First Fish Club! To be in the club, all you have to do is catch your first fish EVER, bring us a picture of you and your catch, and that’s it, you’re in! You will receive a medal, a certificate, and you’ll get your name on our First Fish Member board in our Main Office.

**If you want to join the club during this crisis, please call ahead as our office is closed at 302-227-3071.

Introducing the FIRST MEMBER of our FIRST FISH CLUB, Megan! Using her “trade secret” (bucktail), she hauled in this beauty out of the north side of the Burton’s Island causeway this past Wednesday. Congratulations, and welcome to the club, Megan!

Masks are required in ALL state parks, including the marina, due to the current health crisis. Please plan accordingly if you are headed down this way!


Thanks again! We’ll see you soon!


Fishing Report for 4/27/2020

Written on: April 27th, 2020 in Fishing Report

Happy Spring Everyone!!! Crazy times we are all living right now. But a perfect time to get out on the water with your family and get hooked on fishing.

We have seen and heard the reports from NC and can only hope all those Tuna’s start heading North soon. The weather has been a bear all the wind and rain but this too shall pass.

There have been some Rockfish popping up here and there around the inlet and coastline but nothing red hot yet.

With much regret we have had to cancel our 6th Annual Kid’s Catch Tournament held June 19-21. We will be announcing dates for 2021 !!! that gives everyone a year to get geared up.

We will be posting some new info about our new Kid’s First Fish Program and also our new Kid’s Fishing Program to begin this 2020 season.

Till next time Tight Lines & better Times are coming soon 🙂


Fishing Report 12/31/19

Written on: December 31st, 2019 in Fishing Report

Well, it’s the last report of the year and of the decade! 2019 brought us lots of fun, lots of sun, and lots of fish hitting the deck!

Let’s take a look back at some of our favorite memories of the year:

6/2/2019 This 159lb Mako shark was caught while fishing in the Poor Man’s Canyon using bluefish on the “No Limit” with Capt. John Azato, John Motley of Pike Creek, DE, Vito DiFrancesco of Wilmington, DE, Mike Baumgartner of Rehoboth, DE and Luke Horney of Hockessin, DE.
6/2/2019 Taylor Deemer, angler with Tyler Tribbitt and Capt. Tim Tribbett (on camera duty) fished 100 fathoms at the Baltimore canyon and boated and released the first white marlin of the season for Indian River Marina.
6/15/2019 Boy’s Toy went out to the Baltimore Canyon and used spreader bars to land yellowfins and a few skip jacks. Josh, Tommy, Francesca, Mary, Matthew, and Tom Gessler, Nolan Fraser, Fred Wetzstein, and Jay Marshall weighed their biggest tuna in at 52.7 pounds.
6/22/2019 This young angler hauled in the winning shark for IRM’s Kids Catch All 2019 fishing tournament.
8/7/2019 Steve Redden, Pat Petrera, and Jeff Waxman fished on the Priceless along the beach at Fenwick Island and hooked up with some nice cobia. They weighed 47lbs and 30lbs and were caught using a zucchini colored Spro bucktail.
8/18/2019 This great catch of mahi, weighing in at 186lbs was brought in by the Double D’s while fishing in the Baltimore Canyon. Pictured are Capt. Dwayne Dodd, Hunter Holland of Frankford, DE, Jom Grohman of Fenwick Island, DE, Amber Counsellor of Smyrna, DE, Cade Grohman of Fenwick Island, DE and Robert St. Jacques of Laurel, DE. (Not pictured is Capt. Dennis Robbins)
9/16/2019 John, Carmen and Christian Ostrowski of Chadds Ford, PA fished at the Wilmington Canyon using plastics like Mold Craft and a Hawaiian Lure to hook up with these 3 beautiful fish. 2 weighed 78lbs and one at 74lbs, they also brought in some mahi weighing up to 13lbs.

Signing off for the last time until next decade and as always, wishing you tight lines and good times in 2020!


Fishing Report 11/24/19

Written on: November 24th, 2019 in Fishing Report

Happy Holidays Everyone!!!


Well not much fishing action going on right now.  Some Yellowfin, Big Eyes and Swordfish hit our docks about a week ago.  It been pretty quiet since.  We will keep you posted throughout the winter when we hear of some nice catches and let’s keep hopeful the Rockfish will show up.

Have a great Thanksgiving!!!


Till next time Tight Lines & Sweet Times   🙂