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  Archived Posts From: 2018


Fishing Report for 8/4/18

Written on: August 4th, 2018 in Fishing Report

Wind, Wind go away.  We have had some boats heading out the last couple days.  Inshore Croaker, Kingfish  scattered Triggerfish and Bluefish have been landed.  Offshore Bluefin and Yellowfin tuna have hit our docks this week.   We hope to have some new pics uploaded soon.

We want to wish all of our Anglers here at IRM Good Luck in the WMO that begins Monday-Friday in Ocean City.  If you are in the area you can always come down to our docks and watch the fish being weigh-in at Hookem & Cookem while having a cool beverage at Hammerheads or maybe a bite to eat.

Give us a call and hooked up on your own private Charter at 302-227-3071 ask for Carolyn.

Till next time Tight Lines & Good Times from all of us here at IRM.


Fishing Report for 7/22/18

Written on: July 22nd, 2018 in Fishing Report

It’s a beautiful day down here at the marina! It’s warm out with cool winds coming off the water. From our fuel dock, we can see lots of tournament fishermen braving the gusts out in the inlet in their neon shirts! Good luck guys!








While trolling ballyhoo on the “Black Out” out at Massey’s Canyon on Friday, Sean Tate, Jaclyn Vernon, John Porter and Capt. Rob Thompson, all from Dagsboro, DE, caught this awesome 186lb blue fin tuna.  Rob, John and Sean all had a hand on the rod with this monster, but Rob is the angler that finally got it to the boat. Awesome catch guys! Those are some much deserved beers!


Photo courtesy of Hook ’em & Cook ’em.


With the 10-day forecast looking particularly gloomy, everyone will be wanting to get out on the water before the season is over! Make sure to book your charter fishing trip in advance! Give Carolyn a call at 302-227-3071 to get hooked up with one of our fleet!


Until then, wishing you tight lines and good times!



Fishing Report for 7/20/18

Written on: July 20th, 2018 in Fishing Report

Here it comes, everyone – some nasty weather. Inshore and Offshore reports have been steady. Here are some great pictures and reports of the fish that hit our docks this week.








The full day trip on the Capt. Bob II found a patch of flounder that decided to bite on Saturday’s trip.  Capt. Roger Meekins reported that the bite was slow for most of the morning but when the tide changed in the early afternoon the fishing turned to catching.  The trip wound up with 34 keeper flounder and 16 keeper sea bass.

Pictured are the Ventura Family, Jeff Windsor, Dutch Workman, Josh Yarber, Craig Jenkins, Bob Gunkel and Sam and Connie Groff.








These 23lb and 16lb cobia were caught by Nick Ferrara of Middletown, DE using eels out in front of Bethany Beach Delaware








The “Booby Trap” crew Mo Hussin of Middletown, DE, Shawn Rodger of Dewey Beach, DE and Nino Mallari of Bear, DE fished out at Massey’s using Joe Shute lures on spreader bars and caught a 96lb blue fin tuna, a 66lb wahoo and two yellow fin weighing in at 50lbs and 23lbs.








Mike Smith of Rehoboth Beach, DE was out done by his buddy Ben Cataldi of Felton, DE when he caught this 6.7lb flounder using Gulp bait on a red jig head at the Old Grounds.








While fishing in the Washington Canyon Nolan Frazer of Dewey Beach, DE fished on the Sea Lazer and brought the first wahoo in at Indian River. They were fishing in the Washington Canyon with spreader bars.

Pictured are Steven Geis of West Fenwick, DE, Dan Barduik of Baltimore, MD, Nolan Frazer of Dewey Beach, DE and Capt. Mike Fitzgerald of Annapolis, MD.







This 63.5lb wahoo was caught by Jacob Webb of Lewes, DE and a 23.1lb mahi was reeled in by Brian Perry of Wilm., DE while fishing out at the Washington Canyon on the “Line One” using a Joe Shute lure on a spreader bar.

Pictured are Jerry Perry, Brian Perry and Corey Falgowski of Wilm., DE, Barratt Cullen of Rehoboth Beach, DE, Fiore Celano of Newport, DE and Jacob Webb of Lewes, DE.


Photos courtesy of Hook ’em & Cook ’em.


Have a safe weekend everyone, and we’ll see you after the storms.


Wishing y’all tight lines and good times!




Fishing Report for 7/14/18

Written on: July 14th, 2018 in Fishing Report

It’s been a beautiful week down here at the Indian River Inlet! I’m sure all of our customers have been enjoying the break in hot weather this week, as well as the awesome fishing!







Mike Buffone of Sayre, PA caught this 6.3lb flounder while fishing with Capt. Chris Adams on the head boat Judy V.  He was using cut squid on a top and bottom rig while drifting on the Old Grounds.

Photo courtesy of Hook ‘Em & Cook ‘Em.

Many of our charters and other vessels are fishing in the Ocean City Tuna Tournament, and we wish them all the best of luck – hope y’all are hooking trophies!


Fishing is red hot right now, so let us set you up with one of our 28 charter boats! Give Ms. Carolyn a call at 302-227-3071 to see what’s available!


Til next time, tight lines and good times!



Fishing Report for 7/9/18

Written on: July 9th, 2018 in Fishing Report

It was an absolutely gorgeous weekend down here at the Inlet. The sun was shining, the breeze was blowing, and the fish were biting, especially the flounder!






Brad Young and Chris Curlett of New Castle, DE caught these nice keeper flounder while fishing out at site 10 using squid and shiners on top and bottom rigs.  The largest fish was caught by Chris and weighed 3.8lbs and measured 21.5 inches.







Kenny Evans, Mickey Payne and Jordan “J-Bird” Swithenbank all from Georgetown, DE  fished out at Site 10 and caught these flounder drifting minnows.  The largest flounder weighed 4.3lbs, caught by Jordan.







While fishing on Rigs Raft II, Kevin Rigsby of Germantown, MD caught this 20″ flounder using Gulp bait in the Indian River.






A trip out to the Baltimore Canyon was a successful trip for this group on the Capt. Ike II with a nice catch of mahi and yellow fin tuna caught while out at the Baltimore Canyon.

Caught while trolling ballyhoo.

Pictured are Joe and Jonathon Kspersky of Greenwood, DE and Josiah, Asa, Brandy and Mike Irwin from Delmar, MD.







The team from “Bail Out” fished out at the Baltimore Canyon and hooked up with a nice mix of yellow fin tuna, trigger fish, buoy jacks and mahi.  The largest mahi weighed 21.2lbs and was caught by Kyle Blevens of Bel Air, MD.

Also pictured Frank Geck, Ken Looney, Rob Lewis, Brad Lewis, Joey Blevins along with Kyle Blevins.

Photos courtesy of Hook ’em & Cook ’em


Our charter fleet gives you options for inshore, offshore, and bay fishing – give Carolyn a call at 302-227-3071 to book a trip now!


As always, Tight Lines and Good Times!



Fishing Report for 7/7/18

Written on: July 7th, 2018 in Fishing Report

While today’s weather is looking a little too windy to go off shore, we had a few great fishing days this week! Check out some of this week’s action.






Fishing out at the Baltimore Canyon trolling ballyhoo, this 97.1lb yellow fin tuna was caught on the “Knock on Wood” along with 10 other tuna weighing 30-45lbs and 4 mahi.  They also had one white release and released 4 other smaller tuna.

Pictured are Tony Barr of Newark, DE, Dave Woods of North East, MD, his dad Bob Woods of Lancaster, PA and Johnny Coffiey of Hockessin, DE.

Johnny Coffiey is the angler of the 97.1lb yellow fin





Capt. Mike Martino took the crew from the “Pole Dancer” out to the Poor Man’s fishing and the lucky angler of the day of Kent Stapleford of Wilmington, DE.  While using a pink and white islander, he was able to hook up this 140.5 big eye tuna.






Keith Hoye of Bethany Beach, DE caught these nice keeper flounder while fishing on the head boat Judy V. with Capt. Chris Adams.  They were out at Site 10 drifting over open bottom and Keith was jigging a Gulp on a bucktail and hooked up with this 5lb and 24 inch flounder and another 17 inch fish.







Keith Hoye of Bethany Beach, DE caught these nice keeper flounder while fishing on the head boat Judy V. with Capt. Chris Adams.  They were out at Site 10 drifting over open bottom and Keith was jigging a Gulp on a bucktail and hooked up with this 5lb and 24 inch flounder and another 17 inch fish.







The gang from the “Bail Out” had a great overnight trolling trip to the Baltimore Canyon with 18 yellow fin tuna and 5 mahi making it back to the dock on this trip.  The total gutted weight for these tuna was over 650lbs all averaging 45-55lbs and the largest mahi weighed 20.1lbs which was caught by Dale Rudolph.

Pictured are Dale Rudolph of Hay Market, PA, Joey Blevins and Rob Lewis of Bel Air, MD, Tom Volarich of Annapolis, MD, Frank Geck  and Curtis Ball of Clayton, DE.


Pictures courtesy of Hook ’em and Cook ’em

Give Carolyn a call at 302-227-3071 so we can hook you up with a charter or headboat fishing trip this summer. Til next time, tight lines and good times!




Fishing Report for 6/29/18

Written on: June 29th, 2018 in Fishing Report

Offhsore Tuna fishing is still hot!!!   Most of our boats are hitting the docks with nice catches with good size to them.  Inshore we are seeing a few more Flounder and small Croaker here and there.   It’s going to be a busy red hot weekend so give us a call and get hooked up to spend a cool day out on the water hitting some of the best fishing grounds on the East Coast.

Then stop in at Hookem & Cookem for fresh bait or ice for your catch.   When you are ready to relax walk on down to Hammerheads Dockside for a cooool beverage and great eats!!!!!   Till next time Tight Lines & Good Times.

Call Carolyn at 302-227-3071 for Charter questions and information.


Fishing Report 6/25

Written on: June 25th, 2018 in Fishing Report

Another great weekend of fishing for young and old alike! We held our 4th annual Kids Catch All event, and despite the gloomy forecasts, we ended up with two great days of fishing, fun, and friends.







The Gessler family hit the scale with some great catches, including the trophy yellowfin (48 lbs 6 oz) caught by Francesca and the winning Mahi (7 lbs 9 oz) caught by Isabella.






Mason McDaniel landed the winning flounder at 3 lbs 12 oz. Mason caught the trophy from the Inlet on Saturday.






Capt. David Hopkins, Justin Smith and John Cushner, all from Newark, caught a boat limit of flounder fishing out at B-buoy.  They used squid, minnows and fresh cut bluefish to hook up these flatties.







Left to right. Dave Gorelick, Wayne PA. Tom Drgon, Frankford DE. Bob Dunn, Kensington MD. They fished the Baltimore using ballyhoo, and their largest yellow fin weighed 48lbs. They also scored the first white release at Indian River Marina








Calvin Long and his father Bryan Long from Wyoming, DE, caught this 121lb (gutted weight) blue fin tuna while fishing ballyhoo on spreader bars at the Baltimore Canyon on “Knock On Wood” with Dave Woods.


There’s plenty of great fishing left, and the summer is only beginning! So give us a call at 302-227-3071, and get hooked up with one of our charter boats, or book a trip with one of our headboats!


Til next time, tight lines and good times!


Fishing Report for 6/24/18

Written on: June 24th, 2018 in Fishing Report

Wow some great fishing over the past week here at IRM.   Inshore and Offshore boats hitting the docks with lots of nice catches.  We have the 4th Annual Kid’s Catch going on this weekend and despite the weather we have had a great turnout so far with the final day of fishing today.  Here are some reports to catch up on.






This 4.6lb black sea bass was caught by Randy Eddinger of Harbeson, DE when he was fishing with Capt. Mike Eddinger on the Paul B. Sands.  They were using squid and fishing at the Radford.







While fishing with Vince Luciani of the Eire Mar, Mike and Brian Fleming of Rehoboth, DE and Dylan and Jim Baker of Lewes, DE fished the Baltimore Canyon.  They used spreader bars with green machines to bring up this 30lb yellow fin.








Angler Jacob Smulski of Wilmington, DE caught this 101.4lb big eye tuna while trolling ballyhoo with sea witches when fishing with his buddies Chad Warren of Milford, DE, Trampus Henderson, Luke Horney, Andrew Coffiey and Johnny Coffiey of Wilm., DE on the Finsatiable out at Poor Man’s Canyon.  They also hooked up with 11 yellow fin tuna which topped out at 45lbs.







Clay Harrison of Boyertown, PA saw this 7.2lb smooth puffer swimming on top of the water and threw out minnows to catch it out at B-Buoy.

Tons of great catches here ya go!!!!







Roger Meekins of Frankford, DE, Jeff Waxman of Bethany Beach, DE and Steve Redden of Middletown, DE fished out at the Baltimore Canyon and had a great catch.  They brought back blue line tile weighing up to 16.6lbs and 3 yellow fin tuna and 1 blue fin tuna.











Pics courtessy of Hookem & Cookem… Till next time Tight Lines & Good Times!!!!



Fishing Report for 6/18/18

Written on: June 18th, 2018 in Fishing Report

Tuna Fishing has been red Hot for the past week with Yellowfins, Bigeyes & Bluefins.  Mahi Mahi have also been scattered with reports of the first White Marlin, Blue Marlin and numerous nice size Mako, Tiger and Thresher sharks being released.  Plenty of action inshore as well with Tile, Flounder, scattered Rockfish and Trout.  Now is the time to get your trip booked with one of our numerous Charter Boats  to choose from.

Call Carolyn at 302-227-3071 she will get you hooked up.

Get the kids signed up for the 4th Annual Kids Catch All Tournament open to the public here at Indian River Marina.  Go to our events page and click the link for the Tournament.   You dont want to miss out on this special event and what an event it is.  Two nights of food, giveaways, music and good ole family fun all for a great cause in support of Lyme Disease and other tick bourne illnesses.  The awards ceremony ends the event with beautiful trophies for each  winning division and a free suprise gift for each participant.

Till next time Tight Lines & Good Times!!!