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  Archived Posts From: 2014


Fishing Report for 8/12/2014

Written on: August 12th, 2014 in Fishing Report

Eric and Mark fished with Indian River Marina’s Capt Aaron Hurd on Gale Force on Sun Aug 10 in the ocean for a half day trip. They started with trolling up a limit of 20 bluefish and finished with catching 7 keeper flounder and 2 keeper sea bass.  Nice catches!  Until next time, tight lines and good times!


photo aaa





Fishing Report for 8/10/2014

Written on: August 10th, 2014 in Fishing Report

It is slamming here at Indian River Marina this weekend.  Saturday saw record crowds at the marina and today is shaping up to be the same.  The docks, fuel dock, boat ramp, and Hammerheads were all jam packed.  Once all of the reports are in from the docks we will share the pictures and write-ups.

On Saturday, Gale Force Charters based at IRM had catches of 24 flounder in the ocean at the shipping lane.  Great job to all!


GFC photo

Until next time, tight lines & good times!


Fishing Report for 8/6/2014

Written on: August 6th, 2014 in Fishing Report

The weekend is almost here and we are looking forward to some great fishing and great weather!  Here are a few more reports from earlier in the week here at Indian River Marina.


Mike and Anika Zima of Chicago, IL fished on the Judy V. with Capt. Ed Wheedleton and caught this 2lb black sea bass on clam and a 2lb flounder on shiners.   The fish were caught drifting at Site 10.




Kathy Herring of Silver Spring, MD, Oliva Zanjani and Shawn Cousan of Springfield, VA caught these croaker while fishing on the Judy V. with Capt. Ed Wheedleton while fishing at the 3 mile line off of Indian River.




Kathy Romine and Brett and Toni Foltz all of Harrisburg, PA caught a 16′ flounder, a 12 1/2″ black sea bass and a bag full of croaker while fishing on the Capt. Bob II with Capt. Roger Meekins.




The Capt. Ike II from Indian River Marina had a great overnight trip on Thursday into Friday morning when they came back to the dock with 20 yellow fin tuna.  Stephen Showalter, Carl Sensenig, Harvey Good, Eric Weaver and Lee Sinsenig all of Port Trevorton, PA filled all their coolers with bags of meat from the 765lbs of tuna caught out at the Washington Canyon. Capt.  Dave Collins reported that they trolled and caught most of these fish between 6pm-9pm on Thursday night with over 15 throw backs.



Photos courstesy of Hook ’em & Cook ’em


Tight lines and good times!









Fishing Report for 8/4/2014

Written on: August 4th, 2014 in Fishing Report

The 41st White Marlin Open is now underway and we wish all anglers and boats tight lines, but espeically all of the Indian River Marina boats in the tournament.  We are looking forward to hearing about all the great catches and releases as the week goes on.

The past week has seen some great fishing here at IRM.

Rob Sinko of Middletown, DE, Katie Marchiani of Wilm., DE and Will Shahan of Middletown, DE were fishing on 3R’s beach on Saturday afternoon and had a great day of fishing. They caught bluefish, croaker and kingfish all day using chunked spot and bloodworms.




Dillon Baker of Millville, DE was diving on the Arthur T. Hall off of Ocean City, MD in 90′ of water and shot this 18.4lb tog right between the eyes.




Abby, Jim and Ella Forrester of Baltimore, MD fished on the Judy V. with Capt. Ed Wheedleton and caught these two keeper black sea bass using shiners out at Site 10.




Tight lines and good times!


Photos are courtesy of Hook ’em & Cook ’em


Fishing Report for 8/3/2014

Written on: August 3rd, 2014 in Fishing Report

Closer to IRM we are still seeing a good number of flounder coming in.

Gene Hatfield of Millville, DE and Joe Fedick of Ocean View, DE were one short of their limit while fishing out at site 10.  Joe caught the biggest fish of the bunch weighing in at 5.8lbs and was using squid and minnows to catch his big flattie.


The Spence Family of Newark, DE, Zach, Josh, Terry and Mark caught these 8 keeper flounder while fishing out to Site 10 with squid and shiners.  They were fishing on the Makai of Indian River with Capt. Larry Coyle and mate Joe Coyle. Josh (right, front) caught the biggest flounder, weighing in at 6.5lbs and measured 26″ in length. They had a total of 29lbs of fish.




Rocco Fucetola of Blue Anchor, NJ, caught this 8.7lb and 29″ flounder while fishing with cut squid on a bucktail out at the Old Grounds.




Scott Pupoint caught this 3lbs and 20″ flounder while fishing in the Indian River Inlet using live minnows.





Offshore, The “Hooked Up” Fishing Team of TC Howard, Van Warrington, Capt. Guy Warrington, Evan Houvinen, and Mate Nate Warrington, all from Bethany Beach DE, brought in the heaviest yellow fin tuna to Indian River this season last Saturday, July 26. It was caught by Capt. Guy Warrington using skirted ballyhoo and rainbow spreader bars. This 75.2lb tuna was caught in the Wilmington Canyon.

july 2014 002a


All photos are courtesy of Hook ’em & Cook ’em.


Until next time tight lines and good times!




Fishing Report for 8/2/14

Written on: August 2nd, 2014 in Fishing Report

Fishing continues to be off the hook here at IRM.  Both Inshore, Offshore, Inlet and Back Bay.  Here are some pics from this past week of fishing that hit our docks!!


july 2014 002002003














Pics courtesy of Hook’em & Cook’em

Come down and get hook at Indian River Marina, stroll the docks, visit our ships store, brouse the Tackle Shop and Fish Market or just come down and chill with a cocktail at Hammerheads Dockside.


Tight Lines and Good Times!!!!


Fishing Report for 7/29/2014

Written on: July 29th, 2014 in Fishing Report

Closer to the marina in the Inlet the flounder fishing has been pretty strong with some nice keepers coming in.

Billy and LuAnn Harding of Smyrna, DE, caught these nice size keeper flounder while fishing in front of Bubble Gum Beach with live spot.


july 2014 001

Mike Esham and Burt Campbell of Dagsboro, DE, caught their limit of flounder fishing with live spot in the Indian River Inlet using live spot. The heaviest fish weighed 4.3lbs.

july 2014 001B


Quinn Dunigan of Kensington, MD, caught this 6.1lb flounder with live minnows in the Indian River Inlet.


july 2014 004

Photos courtesy of Hook ’em and Cook ’em

Until next time tight lines and good times!



Fishing Report for 7/28/14

Written on: July 28th, 2014 in Fishing Report

The good fishing continues both Inshore and Offshore here at the Indian River Marina.

Inshore still seeing a lot of nice flounder, sea trout, Bluefin Tunas and some beautiful gaffer mahi.  The inlet and back bays has slowed down a little but flounder and sea trout are still coming back to the docks.  Stop by our weigh station daily to see your favorite fish hitting the scales.

Offshore fishing is hot with lots of Mako and Hammerhead sharks, Yellowfin and Big Eye Tuna, White and Blue Marlin releases.  There have even been a few Longfin Tunas in the mix.

Yesterday wrapped up another Local Fishing Tournament and we want to give you a report from two great days of fishing.  The Wilmington Canyon was on fire with dozens of Big Eye Tunas, Longfin and Yellowfin Tunas and Swordfish.  Hundreds of White Marlin Releases were reported in the Washington.  Let’s hope this great fishing continues all summer!!!!

We hope to have some pics posted for you soon from the weekend.

Check out our Charter Fleet online or call 302-227-3071 to get hook up with your own private charter.


The Seafood & Arts Festival was a huge success despite the afternoon rain.  With record breaking crowds, vendors and boat traffic we will be posting some pics and next years date online soon.


Till next week tight lines and good times!!!



Fishing Report for 7/21/2014

Written on: July 21st, 2014 in Fishing Report

Fishing continues to improve both Inshore and Offshore with great catches hitting our docks everyday!!  Inshore we are still seeing a lot of Flounder being landed as well as Croaker and scattered Rockfish.


Offshore reports great fishing in the Hotdog and the Washington Canyon with nice Yellowfins, Bluefin and Bigeye Tunas,  Mako’s, Mahi and White and Blue Marlin Releases!!  That’s good news for all the anglers getting ready for the all the Tournaments coming up.

These 75.4lb and 51.5lb blue fin tuna were caught by Dan Bush and Mike Hausekeeper while chunking and trolling ballyhoos at the Hambone.




This 3.2lb trigger fish was caught on the Capt. Bob II by Chad Jackson of Wilmington, DE. Capt. Bert Adams reported he was using clams and fishing out at the Clammer.



Michael Leishman of Bel Air, MD, caught this 7.1lb and 26 3/4 inch flounder using live minnows and squid while fishing in front of the Coast Guard station.



Chris Wines of Silversprings, MD, caught this 4.7lb 24 inch flounder off the rocks in the Indian River Inlet using live minnows.



Alex Windsor of Hartford County, MD, caught this 7.2lb and 25 1/2 inch flounder while fishing with Gulp baits in the Indian River Inlet.


Its finally time this Saturday July 26 for the Annual Seafood & Arts Festival here on the docks from 10am-6pm.  Come by land or Sea there is free parking and docking for visitors and admission is also free for all.  So come join us for this fun family event!!


You can view pics and detailed fishing reports by visiting our web-site at  Indian River Marina Fishing Blog.


Till next week Tight Lines & Good Times!!!!

Photos courtesy of Hook ’em & Cook ’em


Fishing Report for 7/18/14

Written on: July 18th, 2014 in Fishing Report

Capt. John Doetzer of the “Blue Runner” Keith Hahn of Ellicott City, MD, David Reeve of Stewartstown, PA, mate Capt. Nolan Doetzer and Colin Griffith of Westminster, MD caught this 235lb big eye tuna while trolling ballyhoo at the Washington Canyon.


john doetzer







While fishing out at the Hot Dog on whole mackerel Nate Underwood of Salisbury, DE and Chris Hertrich and angler Chad Lloyd of Seaford, DE, caught this 210lb mako shark.


hot dog






Allan Fletcher and Jack Fleat of Annapolis, MD, caught these 11 mahi while fishing out at Massey’s Canyon while trolling ballyhoo.








Jimmy Bunting of Dagsboro, DE, Capt. Fred Winward, Dave Baer and Brandt Hart of Roxanna, DE caught this 172lb big eye tuna while trolling blue and white skirted ballyhoo out at Washington Canyon.



jimmy bunting






The Seafood & Arts Festival is fast approaching Saturday July 26th from 10am-2pm.  With over 50 Art Vendors, live entertainment, Seafood delights, and tons of fun and games for the entire family!!!  Come on down and stroll the docks.  Call 302-227-3071 for more information.

All pictures courtesy of Hook’em and Cook’em

Tight Lines and Good Times!!!