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  Archived Posts From: 2015


Fishing Report 8/29/15

Written on: August 29th, 2015 in EventsFishing Report

Although it might be a bit windy today, it’s still been an amazing day at Indian River Marina. Beautiful weather looks to be on the forecast tomorrow so be sure to come on down to the marina and take part in the amazing fishing! Inshore reports Flounder, Croaker and Sea Bass still hold strong as many of them are still getting hooked. Offshore scattered Tuna, both Bigeye and Yellowfin are being caught, Wahoo and Gaffer Mahi also are landed. Marlin releases continue to be up also.

Be sure to stop by and enjoy this amazing weekend. Grab yourself a cool drink and listen to great music at Hammerheads as the boats come in. Stop by on Sept 12 from 9 to 3 to see what all our slip holders are selling in our first Fisherman’s Tailgate.

Now lets get to all the amazing photos!



Judy V Flounder  8.29.15






James Walker of Ocean View, DE, caught this keeper flounder that weighed 2lbs while fishing on the Judy V. with Capt. Eddie Wheedleton. They were fishing at the Old Grounds using cut bait on top and bottom rigs.


Tuna 8.29.15







Johnny Coffiey and Mike Baumgartner of Hook ’em & Cook ’em and Capt. Dave Collins and Capt. Brian Joseph of the Capt. Ike II took a fun fishing trip out to the Baltimore to track down some big eye tuna. They left the dock at 3pm headed to the Baltimore Canyon caught 4 out of 7 big eyes and were back to the dock by midnight. They weighed 150lbs, 148lbs, 149lbs and 132lbs and were caught trolling ballyhoo.



Flounder 8.29.15





Capt. George Merrick took his daughters Lily and Sophia fishing out to the Old Ground and they came back with their limit of Flounder. Capt. George reported that they caught all the fish using cut bait and squid.



Boy Scout 8.29.15







Boy Scout Troop 534 from Harrington, DE took a split charter with Capt. Rodney Jones of Fish Whisperer Charters and Capt. Rodney Meyers of Last $.  The troop was attempting to earn their merit badge for catching, cleaning and preparing their fish.


Til Next Time Tight Lines and Good Times!


Photos Courtesy of Hook’em & Cook’em


Fishing Report 8/23/15

Written on: August 23rd, 2015 in Fishing Report

Great weather here at Indian River Marina this weekend! And even though it was a bit windy many boats were fishing in the inlet and quite a few even went offshore. Inshore are still catching Sea Bass, Croaker, and of course Flounder. This season has been great for Flounder fishing.  Offshore Gaffer Mahi, Wahoo, and Bigeye Tuna are still being landed along with scattered .

Be sure to stop by the Indian River Marina on September 12 from 9 AM to 3 PM to browse our Fisherman’s Flea Market. Come and see all the great stuff our captains will be selling and snag yourself a deal!

With plenty of good fishing and nice weather to come give us a call and book your next Charter with the Indian River Marina Charter Fleet. Or come on down to Hammerheads at get hooked with live music daily a cool beverage and good eats …. It’s fun for everyone and certainly don’t forget the best sunset in town!


Flounder Springer 8.22.15







Linda Springer of Lancaster, PA, caught this 7 lbs 26 inch flounder while fishing out at the Old Grounds using cut bait on a bucktail.


Flounder Willey 8.22.15






Caleb Willey of Millville, DE, caught this 4.9lb 24 inch flounder while fishing out at Site 10 using pink shine Gulp bait.


Flounder Harding 8.22.15






LuAnn Harding from Smyrna, DE caught this 4.3lb flounder fishing in the Indian River Inlet using live minnows.


Big Eye Still lucky 8.22.15






The crew on “Still Lucky” caught this 164lb big eye tuna while trolling in the Wilmington Canyon. Pictured are Steve and Devon Danner of Mechanicsburg, PA,  Robert Kannenberg of Shady Grove,PA, Teyona and William Danner of Mechanicsburg, PA and angler Heath Berger of Reading, PA.



Flounder Campbell 8.22.15






Pete Campbell of Ocean View, DE and Mark Lloyd of Camden, DE caught these six flounder fishing out at B-Buoy using cut bait and bucktails.



Mahi Neuberth 8.22.15





Stephen Neuberth of Ellicott City, MD caught this nice bull Mahi fishing on the “Helios” in the Poor Man’s using skirted ballyhoo. It weighed 35.8lbs and measured 46 inches in length.



Til next time Tight Lines and Good Times!


All photos courtesy of Hook’em & Cook’em




Fishing Report 8/21/15

Written on: August 21st, 2015 in EventsFishing Report

Another great week here at Indian River Marina! Inshore reports Sea Bass, Croaker and many people are still catching their limit of Flounder. Offshore reports lots of Gaffer Mahi, and nice sized Blue Line Tilefish. Tuna are scattered but there have been some nice sized Big Eyes landed. There have been many White and Blue Marlin releases as well!

With summer coming to an end be sure to take advantage of all the great fishing while you can. This weekend looks to be just as great as this past week, so call the office at 302-227-3071 and ask for Carolyn to book yourself a charter today!

Now for photos of all the great catches!





Tile 8.21.15





Andy Orr of Drumore, PA caught this 22.2lb and 36 inch blue line tile while fishing out at the Baltimore Canyon with squid. This is pending for yet another new Delaware record for the blue line tile category.




Flounder Avery 8.21.15








Karen, Michael and Alex Avery along with Max and Ben Napolitano caught these keeper flounder while out at the Old Grounds fishing with squid and minnows. The largest weighed in at 4 lbs.



Mahi Akers 8.21.15







Kiira Akers of Morcroft, WY caught this 8 lb mahi while fishing on the “Sailor Ann” in Baltimore Canyon while casting chunks of ballyhoo on a spinner.




Flounder Judy V. 8.21.15






While fishing on the head boat Judy V. with Capt. Eddie Wheedleton Mike Lewis of Phila, PA and Phil Binaso of Long Island, NY brought home some nice sized flounder while fishing around B-Buoy using cut bait. The largest weighed in at 4.9lbs and measured 24 inches.



Big eye Fish Whistle 8.21.15







The crew from the Fish Whistle set out on an overnight trip to the Washington and came back with thees big eye tuna that weighed in at 177 and 145. They also brought up a 39.2lb sword fish and had 2 white releases and 1 blue release. Pictured are Trent and Bill McMahon, Johnny and Owen Horning.



Flounder Fisher 8.21.15









George Fisher of Hook’em & Cook’em Outfitters caught this 4.6 lbs 24 inch flounder while fishing with Gulp baits out at the Old Grounds.




Flounder Irwin 8.21.15







Sonny Irwin of Coatesville, PA, Cory Lavender of Modena, PA, Steve Mattson of Gap, PA and Bob Irwin of Coatesville, PA had a great day of flounder fishing out at B-Buoy. Steve brought in this 11.5lb and 31 inch flounder using cut bait on a bucktail.


Til next time Tight Lines and Good Times!


Photos courtesy of Hook’em and Cook’em




Fishing Report 8/14/15

Written on: August 14th, 2015 in Fishing Report

Another beautiful day at Indian River Marina and this weekend looks to be great with little wind and nice weather and good fishing. Come down to the weigh station at Hook’em and Cook’em daily and watch the fish being weighed in! Inshore fishing reports Croaker and Sea Bass with Flounder still being the main catch. Offshore reports lots of Yellowfin Tuna, scattered Bigeyes, nice size Gaffers and plenty of White Marlin releases being reported.

We hope to have some great pictures from this week soon. Head on down to Hammerheads for a cool beverage and some good eats. There’s still plenty of time and great fishing to book yourself a private charter today! Give us a call at 302-227-3071 and ask for Carolyn and she’ll get you hooked.


Til next time Tight Lines and Good Times.


Fishing Report 8/8/2015

Written on: August 8th, 2015 in Fishing Report

This week there was some great fishing here at Indian River Marina. Everyday fish are being brought in! Be sure come down to Hammerheads and see what’s been caught today. Also, charters are headed out every day, make sure to call and book yourself a charter today and catch yourself some dinner!

Lets get to the great photos we have of this week!



Sword and Wahoo 8.5.13







The crew from the “Work Release” had a great trip out at the Washington Canyon and brought back this 76lb sword fish and a 29.5lb wahoo. The sword fish was caught on a whole squid at night and the wahoo was caught on the troll with ballyhoo the next morning.

Pictured are Brian Wolfenburger of York, PA, Bill Deihm of Honeybrook, PA Clay Harrison of Boyertown, PA, swordfish angler Frank Given and wahoo angler Paul Given also from Honeybrook, PA.



lobster 8.5.15








This 2lb lobster was snagged with a pink flounder pounder while fishing on the Judy V. with Capt. Eddie Wheedleton at Site 10. Jay Schmidt of Ocean View, DE got this tasty critter steamed up at Hook ’em & Cook ’em for lunch.




Flounder Harding 8.3.15








Holly Harding of Smyrna, DE caught this 5.6 lbs 28” flounder using live spot while fishing in the Indian River Inlet.


Til next time Tight Lines and Good Times!


Photos courtesy of Hook’em & Cook’em



Fishing Report 8/3/15

Written on: August 3rd, 2015 in Fishing Report

What a great weekend here at the marina!  The weather was perfect and, as you’ll see in all of the photos, Flounder fishing continues to be amazing. Boat after boat came in with their limit of Flounder and they don’t seem to be stopping. Book yourself a charter and take part in the amazing Flounder fishing.

Okay lets get to all these amazing Flounder photos:



Flounder Limit Guthrie 8.3.15







Flounder Limit Coyle 8.3.15







Flounder Clark 8.3.15








Flounder Capt. Bob 8.3.15







Flounder Warren 8.3.15







Flounder limit Hendrick 8.3.15








Flounder Harris 8.3.15







Flounder Finkle 8.3.15






Til next time Tight Lines and Good Times!


All photos courtesy of Hook’em and Cook’em.



Fishing Report for 8/1/15

Written on: August 1st, 2015 in Fishing Report

The weather and the fishing continue to be amazing here at Indian River Marina! Inshore reports hold steady with Seabass, Bluefish, Croaker, and still a good number of Flounder. Offshore reports Dolphin, Wahoo, Yellowfin and some large Bigeye Tuna. Also offshore there have been increasing White and Blue Marlin releases, which is great for the upcoming tournament. With it being a perfect day we can’t wait to see all the catches that get brought in today.

As we get closer to the White Marlin Open starting on Monday, more boats are coming into dock and it looks like it will be a great tournament this year. Good luck to all those competing.

Below are some great photos of catches here at Indian River Marina.


Tom Moran of Wilmington, DE, caught these flounder using live mullet in the Indian River Inlet. The heaviest weighed in at 3.6lbs.



moran 7.28.15







John Dougherty and Kenny Harwanko of Wilmington, DE caught these flounder fishing out at B-buoy using bucktails with gulp on the “2-Much”. The biggest one weighed in at 9.6lbs.





flounder 7.28.15








10 year old Zack Bezick of Hillsborough, NJ caught a 3.9 lbs flounder and some snapper blue fishing while on the “El Shaddai” with Capt. Bob Sylvester at Site 10 using cut bait.






el shaddai 7.28.15








This 9lb 35″ rainbow runner was caught by Jack Hannum while fishing in the Viking Ocean Showdown in New Jersey out in 40 fathoms at “North Haze” Canyon. It was caught in the midst of a mahi scool while pitching out a ballyhoo. Rainbow runners are in the jack family.



rainbow runner 7.28.15






Til next time Tight Lines and Good Times!


All photos courtesy of Hook’em and Cook’em