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  Archived Posts From: 2019


Fishing Report 6/30/19

Written on: June 30th, 2019 in Fishing Report

Fishing the afternoon trip on the Judy V., Capt. Chris Adams found the flounder and they were hungry. The boat was fishing at the Old Grounds using cut bait and shiners the largest weighed in at 4.1lbs. Pictured are Macel Maican and Alex Lee from Maryland, Keith Gochenour of Enola, PA, Tanner and Tom Haugh of Gettysburg, PA, Drew Maguire of Great Falls, VA, Berry Bankert of Hanover, PA, Bob Gould of Aspers, PA, Jerry Kennedy of Germantown, MD, Bob Pare of Hanover, PA and Don Miller of Willow Street, PA.

Well, we asked for it – summer is here and the sun is shining down. It’s a little breezier about 15 miles out, so hop on your boat, a friend’s, or one from our charter fleet to escape the heat! Call Miss Carolyn at 302-227-3071 to hook you up!


Tuna, tuna, tuna! While the bite is a little slower compared to last week’s epic frenzy, yellowfin continue to hit the deck in decent numbers. Most brought in to IRM have been 50lb or over.

Jake McGuire of Middletown, DE caught this 50lb blue fin tuna on the Last Call using a pink lure Daisy chain out at Poor Man’s Canyon.

Anglers hooking bigger blues as the summer rolls through. Mr. Fisher (apt name) snagged this near 16lb blue out at the Hot Dog.

This 15.6lb blue fish was caught by John Fisher of Baltimore, MD using ballyhoo out at the Hot Dog.


Pete Hesson of Dagsboro, DE finally caught his “white whale”. This sheepshead was caught using sand fleas on the south side of the Indian River Inlet. It weighed in at 12.6lbs

Inshore anglers are still coming home with a mixed bag. Sheepshead, bluefish, kingfish, and now mackerel are a consistent catch. Pompano, spot, ling, flounder, and late-night rockfish are will grab a lucky angler’s line here and there.

This 6lb sheepshead was caught by Trevor Reitenbach of Tower City, PA while fishing with sand fleas on the south side of Indian River Inlet.

Once again, thank you to everyone who participated in the 5th Annual Kids Catch All event. Click here to see the wrap-up video done by Unscene Productions!

Signing off, and wishing everybody tight lines and good times this week!

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Fishing Report 6/29/19

Written on: June 29th, 2019 in Fishing Report

Family fishing at its finest, the Ocean Drifter fished an overnighter at the Eenan Square tuna weighing up to 39.3lbs and a 39.3lb swordfish. They caught the sword fish using a skip jack fillet. John, David, Carmen and Christian Ostrowski of Wilmington, DE.

Fishing is still red hot as we head into the weekend before Independence Day. Whether you’re celebrating this weekend or next, be sure to wear sunscreen and drink plenty of water. Looks like we’re in for a sunny couple of weeks!


The tuna bite is consistent, with anglers landing mostly yellowfin, but bigeye and bluefin are in the mix. The canyons remain the hotspot for fishing activity, with record numbers of boats heading out every day.

Doc Peoples of Dagsboro, DE, Lex Robertson of Lewes, DE, Kenny Vincent of Dewey Beach, DE, George Kolodi of Smyrna, DE and Jeff Kovatch of Frankford, DE caught 11 yellow fin and 2 mahi fishing the lower end of the Baltimore Canyon using spreader bars and ballyhoo. The largest weighed in at 43lbs.

One lucky angler might have scored the Delaware state record for false albacore on the Last $ with Capt. Rodney Meyers, one of IRM’s charter fleet! This is unconfirmed as of now, but we will update once we get more information.

Jonathan Buchanan, Zac Malanka, Debbie Mumford and Matt Buchanan all from Dagsboro, DE fishing on the Last $ with Capt. Rodney Meyers caught an 83.7lb blue fin and a new pending state record False Albacore weighing in at 21.5lbs. The were fishing Massey’s Canyon using ballyhoo and spreader bars. Jonathan Buchanan was the angler of the potential state record fish.

Heavy flounder have been hitting the deck consistently, as have mahi.

John Engler of Perkiomenville, PA caught this citation 9.1lb 28 inch flounder while fishing out at the Old Grounds using minnows and squid.


As the water temperature rises, we’re seeing more species reeled in along the surf and inshore.

Sheepshead, croaker, triggerfish, trout, and spot made up the “mixed-bag” catches that anglers have reported.

Fishermen seeing more consistent bites with kings, sea bass, flounder, and blues. Rockfish are good at the inlet after dark.

Ken German was fishing the Indian River Inlet using sand fleas and caught these nice 8.2lb black drum and a 3.5lb weakfish.

Don’t wait – take advantage of the good fishing and good weather before it goes away! Call Miss Carolyn at 302-227-3071 to book your charter trip with one of our 26 charter fleet vessels. Trips are booking FAST so call ahead.

As always, wishing everybody tight lines and good times!


Fishing Report 6/25/19

Written on: June 25th, 2019 in Fishing Report

It’s a humid day down here at the marina. It seems most boaters went home after this weekend’s mayhem.


Yellowfin bite is still hot, and offshore anglers are hauling in plenty of flounder too.


Reports of surf-fishermen reeling up pompanos in good numbers this weekend. Croaker, blues, kings, spot, and small trout also in the mix.

Wishing y’all tight lines and good times!


Fishing Report 6/24/19 – 5th Annual Kids Catch All

Written on: June 24th, 2019 in Fishing Report

 Our trophy winners for this tournament! Out of 15 divisions, we gave out 12 trophies. Congratulations everyone!

Wow, what an amazing weekend! Thank you to everyone who showed up to support this event and the Lyme Disease Association of Delmarva (LDAD). We had 107 young anglers enter, and 12 went home with trophies. This event raised almost $15,000 dollars for LDAD to further spread the education of the Delmarva community about tick-borne diseases, an increasingly important cause.

Special thanks to Senator Ernie Lopez for taking time from his busy schedule to come down and present the awards and to speak further about the Lyme disease epidemic.

Pictured second to the left of the board is Isabella Abbonizio with her prize winning yellowfin tuna. She stands with her family, who were also entered into the tournament.


  • Bluefish – 1 lb 13 oz, Giovanni Baiocco
  • Croaker – 5 oz, Gavin German
  • Flounder – 4 lb 4 oz, Juliana Freeman
  • Mackerel – 1 lb 11.5 oz, Fisher Low
  • Mahi – 10 lb 8 oz, Levi Wingert
  • Sea Bass – 1 lb 5 oz, Briar Wingert
  • Shark – 470.2 lb, Thomas & Tanner Haugh
  • Spot – 5 oz, Matt Santoro
  • Triggerfish – 2 lb 12 oz, Nicky Niebauer
  • Trout – 1 lb 8 oz, Zane Winkler
  • Tuna – 39 lb 8 oz, Isabella Abbonizio
  • Unusual Catch – Look Down fish, Zachary Montague

All division winners were determined by weight except for the “Unusual Catch” division, which was left up to the Weighmaster to decide.

The trophy table with beautiful trophies thanks to Fish Unlimited Taxidermy in NJ.
We raised $14,855 for LDAD. Our final leaderboard will be displayed in the marina office for a couple weeks.
Weighing in a tuna that didn’t quite make it to the leaderboard.
This young fisherman hooked a pretty big tuna and a prize-winning mahi on the first day of the tournament.
I’m sure these boys will remember this day for the rest of their lives. They towed in this huge 470 lb thresher on little center console. They said the line snapped right as they got the beast with a catch stick.

The rest of the pictures will be posted on the Kids Catch All website soon.

Of course, thank you to all of our sponsors, whose generous donations of money and raffle items made this tournament happen.

The complete list of sponsors is available on the website.

Thank you again to everyone who came out for the tournament, especially to the parents, uncles/aunts, grandparents, guardians of the kids who fished this event. We hope everyone enjoyed it as much as we did.

As always, wishing everyone tight lines and good times!


Fishing Report 6/21/19

Written on: June 21st, 2019 in Fishing Report

Boy’s Toy went out to the Baltimore Canyon and used spreader bars to land yellowfins and a few skip jacks. Josh, Tommy, Francesca, Mary, Matthew, and Tom Gessler, Nolan Fraser, Fred Wetzstein, and Jay Marshall weighed their biggest tuna in at 52.7 pounds.

Fishing is HOT, and just in time for the Kids Catch All tournament! We have 15 divisions, and there have been reports of catches from EVERY division so far! Bluefish, croaker, flounder, mackerel, mahi, rockfish, sea bass, shark, spot, triggerfish, trout, tuna, billfish release, shark release, and unusual catch. There’s still time to sign up online by 8:00pm or onsite tonight or tomorrow morning! Click here to register or find out more.


Capt. Dave Eberly (not pictured), Wayne Smith of Ellendale, DE, Matt Purnell of Lewes, DE, Jason Hall of Milford, DE, Robb Warfel of Milford, DE, Carl Bittenbender of South Bethany, DE, and Mike Schimmel of Ellendale, DE went out to the Poormans on June 15th. This crew  brought in 13 yellowfin tuna using spreader bars.
The Charter boat No Limit went out to the Baltimore Canyon and went 18 for 37 on yellowfin tuna. Capt. Jon Azato, Mate Jason Dietterick, Colin Brennan, Nick Grupeich, Siraj Hussain, and Noah Hussain-Siraj of New Jersey, Greg Wilson, and George Nikoloff of PA landed most of their tuna on spreader bars but had a few on ballyhoo as well.

It was an awesome week for tuna, with most boats coming back with their limit. Mostly yellowfin hitting the deck this week with some bigeye in the mix.

This crew fished in the Baltimore Canyon using spreaders bars and ballyhoo to hook up with this 62.4lb yellow fin. Edward Mench of New Castle, DE, Trey Obermire of Felton, DE, Justin Strouse of Camden, DE and Capt. Aaron Piper of Camden, DE also caught 6 more keeper fish.

Good numbers of mahi hitting lines as well.


The churning water from last week’s wind gave us a pretty good assortment of catches, or “mixed bag” fishing.

Abby Meyer and Liv Meyer from Centre Hall, PA fished on the headboat Judy V. with Capt. Christopher Adams and caught a mixed bag of kingfish, spade fish and a weakfish while fishing along the beach at Fenwick.

Plenty of boats hitting flounder limits this week. 

Surf-fishermen reporting kings, blues, trout, spot, perch, croaker, and even shark getting reeled in to the shore.

This week gave us the first catches of hefty black drum and sheepshead.

The best place for striper still seems to be the IR inlet after dark.

Well folks, it’s looking like a beautiful weekend, so we hope to see you here.

As always, wishing you tight lines and good times!

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Fishing Report 6/14/19

Written on: June 14th, 2019 in Fishing Report

Taylor Deemer, angler with Tyler Tribbitt and Capt. Tim Tribbett (on camera duty) fished 100 fathoms at the Baltimore canyon and boated and released the first white marlin of the season for Indian River Marina. This happened last weekend on 6/2

Not sure about you, but we’re pretty sick of the wind this week. Crossing our fingers and toes that this all blows through in time for a beautiful weekend for our Kids Catch All fishing tournament next weekend! Don’t forget to register if you haven’t already!


Angler Terry Hartlaub of Millsboro, DE caught this 99lb blue fin tuna while fishing in the Baltimore Canyon with Capt. Orville Henseler. They were trolling ballyhoo on spreader bars.

Offshore fishing was good for the boats that made it out. Bigeye bite was awesome. Anglers have had no trouble hooking up bluefin, yellowfin, mahi, and mako for the past couple weeks when they are able to go out.

Last Friday, the only good weather day forecasted for the weekend, the gang from the Reel Precision hooked up on these big eye tuna and mahi. The tuna weighed in at 85lbs and 89lbs with 120lbs of gaffer mahi weighing up to 22lbs and were caught using ballyhoo at the Baltimore Canyon. Pictured left to right Brent Huey of Houston, DE, Del Baker of Dagsboro, DE, Capt. Eddie Kehl of Baltimore, MD, Kevin Huey of Houston, DE and Jeff Strayer of Carlisle, PA.

Flounder also hitting the docks in limits when boaters get out.


George Simons of Mt.Airy MD caught this 44in 34.7lb cobia off the beach at South Bethany using a fresh bunker head.

Anglers fishing off the surf are having fun landing plenty of kingfish and small trout.

Nocturnal fishermen reporting that the rockfish come through the inlet after dark 

We have lots of boats out today and this weekend, so we will update again in a couple days.

As always, wishing everybody tight lines and good times!


Fishing Report 6/11/19

Written on: June 11th, 2019 in Fishing Report

Ed Dargush of Selbyville, DE, Glenn Meyers of Holts Landing, DE and Bob Swanson of Frankford, DE caught this 103.4lb big eye tuna while fishing in the Baltimore Canyon using skirted ballyhoo.

Had a good few days of northeastern storm winds blowing through – once the water clears up, the fish will be excited for some action.


Tuna getting hot, with fishermen hitting limits.

After a long day of fishing, the gang on the No Limit charter boat wound up with a limit of flounder. They fished several different inshore and offshore spots using Gulp bait on a Spro bucktail. The heaviest fished weighed in at 5.6lbs and 23.5 inches and was caught by Capt. Jon Azato along with his crew Haley Pruitt, of Newark, DE, Kellie Igo and Jimmy Coffiey of Wilmington, DE.

Limits of decent-sized flounder are hitting the decks with a few lucky large ones in the mix.

Reports of marlin, cobia, and mako.


Ryan Lewis of Roxanna, DE caught this 5.4lb trout while fishing on the south side of Indian River Inlet. He caught this fish using a jighead with a Z-Man rubber bait.

Surf-fishing and IR Inlet fishing are still good spots for plenty of kingfish.

Reports of weakfish coming out of the Inlet as well.

DON’T FORGET – our Kids Catch All fishing tournament is coming up quick! If you have already registered online, don’t forget to come get your info bag from the registration desk either Friday 6/21 between 6-8pm or Saturday 6/22 between 6-8am. Call us at 302-227-3071 or visit to find out more!

As always, wishing everybody tight lines and good times!


Fishing Report 6/4/2019

Written on: June 7th, 2019 in Fishing Report

Tavin Mullen of Milford, DE fished the Judy V. with Capt. Chris Adams, and caught this 2lb and 17 inch flounder using a bucktail tipped with fresh cut blue fish.

It’s the first Friday in June, and the fish are here – whose boat are you headed out on this weekend?! Call Miss Carolyn at 302-227-3071 to schedule your charter trip!


The canyons exploded with activity this past week, with the first report of white marlin release last weekend. Reports coming in of bigeye, bluefin, yellowfin, and even an albacore hitting the decks this week.

Plenty of mako being caught as well. Anglers hitting their limits of huge sea bass and mahi all week.

This 159lb Mako shark was caught while fishing in the Poor Man’s Canyon using bluefish on the “No Limit” with Capt. John Azato, John Motley of Pike Creek, DE, Vito DiFrancesco of Wilmington, DE, Mike Baumgartner of Rehoboth, DE and Luke Horney of Hockessin, DE.
My Girl fished the Baltimore Canyon using ballyhoo on spreader bars and caught this 157.4lb and 68 inch long blue fin tuna. John Klerlien, Billy Hein both of Millsboro, DE, Ralph Short and Jimmy Linus both of Lewes, DE.


Fishermen up and down the coast were happy to reel in some kingfish this week. Seems they go for live bloodworm most consistently.

Flounder fishing is also picking up off the shore and some off the jetty.

Nocturnal anglers have been reeling in keeper rockfish late at night.

Don’t forget that our Kids Catch All event is June 21-23. You can register in person Friday night or Saturday before 8:00 am, or you can register online before 8:00 pm. Click here to register online!

As always, wishing everybody tight lines and good times!