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  Archived Posts From: 2016


Fishing Report 6/27/16

Written on: June 27th, 2016 in Fishing Report

The 2nd Annual Kids Catch-All Fishing Tournament was a huge success. We had over seventy youngsters fishing this weekend and winning some great prizes. Over $8,000 was raised for the Lyme Disease Association of Delmarva! Thank you to Senator Ernie Lopez for presenting the check to Marilyn at LDAD.  We can’t wait till next years event that will be even bigger and better.

Here are the winners and a few pics of this great event:
























*** Photos courtesy T. Mosier. ***

Til next time, Good times and Tight lines!


Fishing Report 6/24/16

Written on: June 24th, 2016 in Fishing Report

Happy Friday Again!

We have some beautiful weather happening today and the entire weekend. Get out there and get hooked up.

Don’t forget, the Kids Catch-All Fishing Tournament here at Indian River Marina is this weekend. Registration is tonight at the marina from 6-8pm and again on Saturday morning from 6-8am. Kids ages 3-18 can register. They can fish both Saturday and Sunday from 6am to 3pm. Weigh-ins will be at the weigh station by Hook’em & Cook’em from 3-6pm each day.

Check out these catches!


Capt. Aarron Hurd of Gale Force Charters took Todd and Chase Reckart and Beau Bright of Elkins, WV and Greg Alberta of Ocean View, DE, along with Mate Jimmy Coffiey out fishing for these flatties in the ocean. They caught these fish jigging using Gulp baits out around the Old Grounds.  The largest fish weighed 4lbs and measured 22 inches.




Ken German of Pottstown, PA, caught 2 nice sheepshead while fishing on the south side of the Indian River jetty using sand fleas. These fished weighed in at 5.3lbs and 7.7lbs.




Fred Metzger of Township, PA, caught this 4.3lb flounder and beat out his stiff competition Phil Saracco of Pittsburgh, PA who caught a 4lb flounder while fishing the Judy V. with Capt. Chris Adams. Capt. Chris reported fishing at the Old Grounds using cut blue fish strips.


***Photos courtesy Hook’em & Cook’em Bait-Tackle-Seafood. ***


Til next time, Good Times and Tight Lines!!!!


Fishing Report 6-22-16

Written on: June 22nd, 2016 in Fishing Report

It’s Hump Day!!!

Nothing beats the mid-week blues like a charter trip on a beautiful day. Gives us a call at 302-227-3071 and ask for Carolyn. She will help arrange a trip for you.

Get the Kids ready for our 2nd annual Kids Catch-All Fishing Tournament this weekend. Registration start Friday, 6/24, 6-8pm and again on Saturday, 6/25, 6-8am. The weather is looking spectacular.

Check out some of the recent catches:


Ryan and Dave Carey of Williamsport, PA, took a morning trip on the Judy V. with Capt. Eddie Wheedleton and came back with these 16″ flounder caught out a B-Buoy using cut bait and squid.



The folks on the Capt. Bob II’s Lazy Man Trip had a great day of fishing with Capt. Roger Meekins. Tab Compton and Mike and Eva Palmer of Selbyville, DE, Scott and Kyle Vaughn of Carlisle, PA, Wayne Lewis of Salisbury, MD, Adian Wallace of Rockville, MD, Ryan Brown of Kensington, MD, Dutch Workman of Salisbury, MD and Ben Wallace of Rockville, MD all took home some fish for dinner.



While visiting from Santa Monica, CA the Lai Family and Jack Roth of Ellicott City, MD, chartered the Capt. Ike II for an overnight tuna trip. They left on Monday morning headed to the Baltimore Canyon and returned back on Tuesday morning with this 165.6lb big eye tuna and three 30+lb yellow fin tuna.  Capt. Dave Collins reported that the big eye was caught while trolling ballyhoo.




*** Photos courtesy of Hook’em & Cook’em Bait-Tackle-Seafood and Fish Whisperer Charters ****


Til next time, Good Times and Tight Lines!!


Fishing Report 6-17-16

Written on: June 17th, 2016 in Fishing Report

Happy Friday!!!!

When we start seeing tuna and mako everyday, it makes everyday happy! Check out some of the catches brought in yesterday.

Also, if you would like to try your hand at landing fish like these, give us a call to book a Charter trip at 302-227-3071 and ask for Carolyn. We have many great charters that can take you back bay fishing or go offshore for the big ones.

Til next time, Tight Lines and Good Times!!!



Bill Kunst of Dagsboro, DE caught this 7.6lb flounder while fishing out at A-buoy using cut bait and squid.



Jake Shumway of Chambersburg, PA, Ron Bowman of Ebensburg, PA and David Bowman of Hanover, PA also caught fish on the head boat Judy V. with Capt. Eddie Wheedleton while out at B-Buoy using cut bait and squid.



The crew from the “Jack Rabbit II” hooked up with a 93.4lb mako shark using a whole mackerel with a blue and white squid while out around the Hambone to he 20 Fathom line to the Fingers.  Capt. Jamie, Jackson and J. J. Tricky, Brian and Raymond McCall all from Lewes, DE



The “Michael D” with Capt. Paul DeFebo, Capt. Bruce Coffiey and Capt.

Steve Peterson took an overnight trip to the Norfolk Canyon and hooked up with a 231lb mako caught on a whole blue fish and Hook ’em & Cook ’em’s exclusive brand of chum, Triple Threat. Pictured are Luke Brubaker, Justin Martin, Harvey Good, Lee Sensenig and Ricky Stauffer all from Mount Pleasant, PA.



Aaron Strausbaug of Milton, DE, Johnny Coffiey and Michael Baumgartner of Hook ’em & Cook ’em, Jack Hamilton of Phila. PA, Jeff Rosenkilde of Monkton, MD, Colin Clark of Washington, DC, Addison Baumgardner of Jarretsville, MD, John O’Hazza and Jason Massey both of Rehoboth, DE made an overnight trip to the 500 Fathom line between the Washington and Norfolk Canyon pay off big.  They brought back 3 big eye tuna with the largest one weighing in at 100lbs (caught by Addison) 12 yellow fin tuna averaging 45lbs and a handful of mahi.  They also released numerous sharks like hammerhead, tiger and one short mako.


***Photos courtesy of Hook’em & Cook’em Bait-Tackle-Seafood. ***


Fishing Report 6/16/16

Written on: June 16th, 2016 in Fishing Report

Looks like the wind is coming back for the weekend. We have had a lot of boats both inshore and offshore landing some nice catches.

Don’t forget to sign the kids up for our 2nd Annual Kids Catchall Tournament next weekend. There will be lots of giveaways and prizes for the kids. There will be two nights of music, food and fun under the big tent. Registration is Friday, 6/24, 6-8pm and Saturday, 6/25, 6-8am. Entry fee is $25 per child.



Fishing out at the Washington Canyon, Dave Woods of North East MD, Dave Hollaway of Middletown, DE, Tim Davis of North East MD and Jim Sensnig of Quarryville, PA caught 8 yellow fin tuna on the troll with ballyhoo.



“Da Chief” headed to the 200 Fathom line just south of the Washington Canyon and hooked up with a nice catch of 3 big eye tuna weighing up to 84lbs, 4 yellow fin tuna and 4 mahi, all caught on the troll with ballyhoo.


 DSC_0004 (2)

Jay Schmidt of Ocean View, DE, caught this 4lb flounder while fishing on the Capt. Bob II on the full day trip with Capt. Roger Meekins. They were fishing around the Old Grounds using cut bait and shiners.



Capt. Rodney Jones took a long haul to the southeast corner of the Washington Canyon, but the Fish Whisperer didn’t come back empty handed. Larry Lee of Ocean View, DE, Don Kindt of Lancaster, PA, Tim Gola of Newark, DE, Steve Williams of Newark, DE, Brian Patane of Pennsville, NJ and Johnny Shine of Frankford, DE brought back 4 yellow fin tuna weighing up to 45lbs.



The gang from the Fish Whistle took an overnight trip out to the Washington Canyon and brought back 14 yellow fin tuna and mahi. The family was waiting to greet them and joined in the picture. Anglers (not pictured Capt. Charlie Horning) Jacob Webb of Lewes, DE, Tommy and Josh Gessler of Media, PA, Travis Dorman of Wilm., DE and Jimmy Taylor of Ocean View, DE.  They also hooked up with a blue marlin release.


** Pictures are courtesy of Hook’em & Cook’em Bait-Tackle-Seafood. **


Till next time, Tight lines and good times!!!!


Fishing Report 6/11/2016

Written on: June 11th, 2016 in Fishing Report

The warm weather is here. Inshore a few Sea Bass and keeper Flounder have been landed. Offshore some Big Eye and Yellowfin Tuna have been caught. Also there are some reports of catch and release Hammerheads.

Speaking of Hammerheads, the music is playing every day after 3 pm. Come down for cold drinks and a beautiful view to watch the fish come across the docks.

Don’t forget to book a charter this season here at the marina. Call 302-227-3071 and ask for Carolyn. She will help you book a great charter this season!


Oliss Flounder 6.11.16


Flounder are starting to make an appearance out in the ocean and Lisa and Mick Oliss of Dayton, OH were lucky enough to get in on the action. They fished on the morning trip on the Judy V. and brought back an 18″keeper flounder and a sea bass.  They caught the fish using cut bait and shiners out around the Old Grounds.


Fish Whisperer 6.11.16


Travis Stoltz and crew from Hamburg Pa….39 seabass 6 ling 1 flounder from Del / Jersey site…squid and clam with Fish Whisperer Charters #wreckaholic…June 10


Long Flounder 6.11.16


Al Long from Camden, DE caught three flounder up to 18″ on the head boat Judy V. with Capt. Chris Adams.  They were fishing around A-Buoy using cut bait and shiners.


Adams Flounder 6.11.16


Capt. Chris Adams of the Judy V. was showing customers how to catch flounder on the morning trip and caught 3 nice flounder. One weighed 4.1lbs and were all caught using cut bait and shiners out at A-Buoy.


Rotelli Flounder 6.11.16


Chris Rotelli from California (on left) with the pool winner and Joe Rotelli from Indianapolis with a 17″ flounder that were caught on the half day morning trip on the Judy V.  Capt. Chris reported that they were fishing around A-Buoy using cut bait and shiners.


Til next time Tight Lines and Good Times!


photos courtesy of Hook’em and Cook’em


Fishing Report 6/5/16

Written on: June 6th, 2016 in Fishing Report

What another amazing weekend of fishing! Rockfish and SeaBass are still being landed in the Indian River Inlet and inshore, and multiple Thresher Sharks were caught. A big congratulations to the Indian River Marina Charter Boat Capt. Ike II who placed 1st in Mako Mania with a 407 lbs Thresher. Offshore Yellowfin Tuna, Mahi and Mako are being landed. The season is finally here!


Bass and Tile 6.5.16


Capt. Rodney Jones of Fish Whisperer Charters took a crew out fishing for tile fish and black sea bass and they did not come back empty handed.  They boated a limit of both blue line and golden tile and then had enough time to bring in 41 keeper sea bass.  Jeff James of Lancaster, PA, Rich Courtot of Silver Spring, MD, Dave Rust of Oxford, PA, Gary Waters of Cockeranville, PA, Ron Oliver of Oxford, PA and Bill Rust of Crisfield, MD deep dropped squid for the tile fish in 350′ of water and then came back inshore some for the black sea bass.


Flounder 6.5.16


Janet Ruhl of Galena, MD caught this nice citation flattie while fishing out at Site 10.  It weighed 7.4lbs and measured 26″ and was caught on a top and bottom rig with squid and minnows.


Green Hornet 6.5.16


Todd Buchanan of Sinking Springs, PA, Jack Beck of Coatesville, PA, Dru Baldwin of Birdsboro, PA and Colin Shuman of Shillington, PA caught 8 tuna, 3 mahi and a 100lb mako shark.  They were fishing from the Washington Canyon to the Poor Man’s Canyon from the 250 – 500 line.

The tuna were caught on the troll with ballyhoo and the shark was caught on Triple Threat Chum made exclusively by Hook ’em & Cook ’em.


Bill Collector 6.5.16


Eddie Kehl of Baltimore, MD, Kevin Huey and George Thompson both of Houston, DE and Eric Van Lill of Severna Park, MD caught a 103lb mako, 6 tuna, 4 mahi and had 2 white marlin releases while fishing the 461 Lump on the Bill Collector.



Indian Giver 6.5.16


Tommy Schanno of Relay, MD, Frank Perna of Great Falls, VA and Jim Bunting of Georgetown, DE caught 5 tuna that weighed up to 45lbs and some nice sized mahi while fishing out at the Washington Canyon.


Til next time Tight Lines and Good Times!


Photos courtesy of Hook’em and Cook’em.